The Parish Pastoral Council is a committee of people who work with the priest to oversee the life of the parish. Its role is to look at the needs of the parish and see how the parish can build on its strengths. It also addresses the different needs of different groups of parishioners e.g. the elderly, the sick, families and our youth. The PPC helps to bring the views of parishioners to the meetings. It has a consultative role but also helps in practical ways when needed. It is resourced by the Diocesan Pastoral Renewal Team based in Killarney.

Some Events/ Items the Parish Pastoral Council are accociated with:

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Pastoral Ministry Course:

Seven parishioners completed the Pastoral Ministry Course conducted by the Diocese in Ardfert and Killarney last June. Two more will graduate having completed the course this June. And we are delighted to announce that this course of 20 weeks – accredited and conducted by our Diocesan Pastoral Team will take place in Listowel beginning next autumn. The idea of the course is to help people deepen their faith and is particularly helpful to those who are already involved in some ministry or who would like to be more involved in our Parish using whatever talents they may have. Further details from the Parish Office.

Youth Ministry Course:

Three of our parishioners did the youth ministry course conducted by the Diocesan Pastoral Team and accredited by the Diocese in Killarney which began last September. This course is particularly helpful to people who might minister more to our young people and children. A further course will begin this autumn in Ardfert Retreat Centre. Anybody interested might contact the Parish Office.

Children Liturgy Group:

We thank those who took on the initiative to form a children’s liturgy group. The children’s liturgy group aim to help Primary school children and it takes place at the celebration of Eucharist at the Vigil and 11.00 a.m. usually on the first Sunday of each month. (excluding July & August). We find that more and more our children look forward to this celebration. This is just one way that we are reaching out more to our youth and children.

Do this in Memory of Me — First Holy Communion Programme:

This was run by the parents of our First Holy Communion children who received their communion in May. The programme complements the great work being done already being done by our teachers in our Primary Schools. It is run by the parents themselves and each child and parent / guardian is invited to be involved. Many thanks and well done to all who helped.

Confirmation Programme:

We congratulate our 83 confirmation candidates who were confirmed by Bishop Ray on March 24th at St. Mary’s Church. Our thanks to Fr. Mossie Brick, Lixnaw who addressed the parents and candidates in February. We also wish to acknowledge the great of our sixth class teachers of our Primary Schools. Well done all.

Baptism Preparation Teams:

One of our main projects for this year is to train adults who will help young parents as they present their children for baptism. At a time of birth of a child, parents turn in thanks to God, and reflect on the life of their child and how they hope to give them the very best in life. In choosing baptism, parents are handing on the faith to their child and they are drawing on the prayer and faith of the parish community. Meeting a baptism preparation team will provide the parents with an opportunity to reflect themselves on what baptism is, and what it means for them and their child as we welcome them into our Parish community. It is our hope that this will come into effect in the Autumn.

Friday ‘Cuppa’:

Our thanks to the ladies who generously provide a ‘cuppa’ for those attending the Frist Friday Mass. It is a lovely opportunity for people to have a ‘chat’ after mass in our lovely Parish Meeting Room.

Web Camera:

We are delighted to announce that we have recently installed a system that makes all our church services available now on the web. With modern technology advancing so fast we can now view a live stream of any of our church services anywhere in the world. All you need is Wi-Fi in your home. It can be viewed on your lap top, computer, iPhone, iPod. If you do not have a computer, you can also view it on your TV once you have a little device that is connected to your TV that picks up the signal from your Wi-Fi. It is available on: or there is a link from our Diocesan Web Page on This is in addition to our radio service which is already in operation and will continue as is. More infomation and details from Parish Office.